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color street






street as b&w


urban landscape


train station life


shapes and details


advertisement as background








venetian carnival








barber shop window

taken in milan, in a sunday morning. visit my blog:


a couple of tourists tasting an ice cream outside a famous ice-cream parlor in downtown Milano

the sunny spot

souvenir photo


the dome

milano metafisica

empty urban spaces, intense lighting, manniquins, the dark silhouette of duomo church: a view of Milano resembling de Chirico's paintings, the leading artist of metaphysical movement

white limousine

a bride preparing to pose for a picture close to a white limousine; taken in milano, piazza duomo

galleria vittorio emanuele

city of glamour

out for a walk

just stopped raining



soap bubbles





taken in milano, in the fashion district.

the ages of life


street theatre


il passaggio

scarlet and the statue

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Bollywood a Milano

ambientazione nella stazione di milano di un film musicale di produzione indiana


A beggar sitting in front of a huge advertisement poster glances up towards a gipsy woman who is wandering through the crowd soliciting money by showing her little baby’s picture


details of a souvenir photo shooting in piazza mercanti, milano, italy

summertime in milano

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water gushes

children playing with water gushes in piazza gae aulenti, milano, italy visit my blog:

la pausa

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the immigrant

A young immigrant from northern Africa sitting in piazza duomo, milano, italy, counts his earnings on the palm of his hand visit my blog:

the photographer

a tourist in piazza della Scala, Milano, looking for a good subject for photography. visit my blog:

meno grigi più verdi

a street painting portraying Giuseppe Verdi, the famous opera composer, on the corner in front of the Teatro alla Scala Opera House, in Milano, Italy. visit my blog:

nun's choir

a group of nuns singing in 5 of the 23 golden trumpets by the artist Alberto Garutti in the piazza Gae Aulenti, Milano. visit my blog:

two faces

two faces, two expressions

christmas reflection

early morning view of the christmas tree in piazza gae aulenti, milano


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the wet rose

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le biciclette di piazza erbe

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rain shower in piazza duomo

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galleria vittorio emanuele

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the strange shadow

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street life

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taken in piazza bra, verona, italy visit my website:


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ready, set, go!

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vino vino

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bubbles seller


milano, cortili di palazzo reale



a man talking at a mobile phone and sitting under the light of a street lamp. Taken in Milano, via mercanti.


taken in milano, in the fashion district.

future movie star

a young girl posing for a portrait... is she a novel Scarlet Johansson?


crystal ball

the toy peddler

a young immigrant sells his merchandise in the central atrium of milano main station

immersed in her reading

rouge et noir

the flower seller

the flower seller on the corner between via montenapoleone and via manzoni, Milano, in the fashion district, waiting for a client under the rain

urban encounters

a tourist trying to take pictures of pigeons in piazza duomo, milan, italy

male vanity

preparing to pose for a souvenir photo with the galleria vittorio emanuele in the background


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turiste con velo

Taken in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milano, Italy. Click on my portfolio to see other pictures of the set "people"

hipster style

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unexpected popularity

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the peek

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the jazz singer

a jazz band performing in galleria vittorio emanuele, milano, italy visit my blog:

peaceful invaders

crowds of japanese tourists visiting downtown milano in the expo 2015 time visit my blog:

sister act live

still another picture of the group of nuns I met in piazza gae aulenti, milano, when they first saw the golden trumpets by the artist alberto garutti; it seemed to me like a sort of sister act live. visit my blog:

photoshow 2015

portrait of a model posing for amateur photographers in a stand of the photoshow milan fair 2015 visit my blog:

ice cream magic

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sometimes in your life you feel as light as a feather

sapessi com'è strano...

the lyrics of an old italian song can be translated as follows "you should know how strange it is... to fall in love in milano" "sapessi com'è strano innamorarsi a milano"

Piazza Gae Aulenti

Piazza Gae Aulenti is a new public space in downtown Milano surrounded by high buildings (including the Unicredit Tower) in the Porta Nuova District



sweet years

a teen couple chatting in piazza dante, verona, italy

last kiss

seasons of life


an elderly couple standing up close to a poster while waiting for a bus in piazza cordusio, milano, italy.


love in the time... of snow


monumento a Sandro Pertini, dell'architetto Aldo Rossi, in piazza Croce Rossa, a Milano

decisive moment

a waiter of a coffee bar in piazza duomo, milano, is jumping over a large puddle after a springtime rain shower


Nobody in the huge crowd passing by seems to pay attention to this trumpet street player. Taken in Verona, italy.

fruit salad

in a day with an incredibly hot weather three kids sitting close to their father look avidly at a glass of fruit salad. Taken in Piazza Erbe, Verona, Italy.


workmen building a stage for a concert in piazza duomo, milano, italy


via baguttino

people talking in via baguttino, MIlano, in the fashion district, few meters away from via montenapoleone


the painter

a painter selling her artistic work at the sunday milano antiquity marketplace

against the light



and what if just you were hungry?


self portrait



florence tourists


people crossing the ottagono, in galleria vittorio emanuele, milano, early in the morning of busy working day


to be invisible

les touristes

two young ladies checking the map of downtown milano

symmetry and contrasts

divergent interests


an old building not existing anymore and an old man passing by

the young violinist

a little japanese boy belonging to a group of tourists, a violin virtuoso, improvises a brief concert in a corner of galleria vittorio emanuele, in milano, attracting a huge crowd. Later on he will join his family to continue the visit of the center of the city

contrasting perspectives


a man is observing somewhat perplexed a model posing for a photo session; taken in milano


taken at Milano central station


tre amici

the smoker

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opposite directions, same mood

variation on the theme

l'illusione crea dipendenza visit my blog:

furtive look

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la grata

sun light decorates the grating of the pedestrian bridge over via melchiorre gioia, in milano, italy.

the man in red

a man dressed with a red coat is walking at twilight in the galleria vittorio emanuele, Milano, Italy

late afternoon

view of the duomo church in milano, italy, in the late afternoon of a day of march

red light

unicredit tower

straight lines

Stazione Porta Garibaldi

il passaggio

twilight reflection

people and pigeons in piazza duomo, milano, after a rain shower

porta genova

night view of porta genova railway station, milano, under a snowfall

Unicredit Tower

Early morning lights reflect onto the unicredit tower, the highest building in Italy. Taken in Milano.


MIlano, sunset: still another mural painting in the district nearby garibaldi railway station

le trombe

garibaldi tower

light lines

M (metropolitana milanese)


milano chimneys at dawn

the grating

great snowfall

snow and wall paintings

regione lombardia


the duomo church reflecting onto a puddle after a rain shower in milano, italy. See also

urban geometries

foggy morning


the new and highest building of milano, the garibaldi tower

duomo church lights

once in a while the windows at the front of the duomo church, in milano, are illuminated; here there is a colour contrast between the yellow of the windows and the blue of the sky at sunset

end and beginning

garibaldi train station, milano; the end and the beginning of any travel

glowing moon

The moon is peeping through the clouds behind the right spire of the frontal facade of the Duomo church in MIlano, Italy.

blue milano

children playing on the monument to vittorio emanuele II in piazza duomo, milano

glass cleaners

via melchiorre gioia


fisheye view of the interior of Garibaldi railway station in Milan, Italy

torre garibaldi

the dome

uomo solo

twilight at piazza gae aulenti

christmas trees

oro e blu

le trombe dorate, dell'artista alberto garuti, a piazza gae aulenti, al tramonto, in un giorno invernale qualsiasi

sunset behind unicredit tower

twilight colors in a freezing late afternoon in the new porta nuova district in milano, italy.

saldi sales

the pavement of via Santa Radegonda, a narrow street on the back side of the great shopping mall “la Rinascente”, in Milano, Italy, is undergoing renovation. The city is preparing to Expo 2015.

twilight in milano central station

view of milano skyline from a train arriving at central station visit my blog:

duomo in blu

beams of blue light illuminate the duomo church facade in the night of the MTV Europe Awards concert in Milano, Oct 24th, 2015. visit my blog:

the dinosaur

Stock of starlings at sunrise flying over the roofs of milano and drawing the silhouette of, maybe, a dinosaur. visit my blog:

the tram

a concave mirror image of a tram entering a street of milano in the rush hour

sunrise in porta nuova

early morning view of the residential towers over piazza alvar aalto in milano, italy, with the sun breaking up from the fog

rainy evening

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into the sun

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torre isozaki

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steel life

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mackerel sky

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porta nuova district

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cloudy morning

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notturno con mela

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piazza cordusio

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Via Cusani

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voci della città

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red on red

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waving goodbye

a woman is waving goodbye to someone on the train who is about to depart; milano central train station


simmetria asimmetrica

creo caos

arrivals and departures

milano central train station; travellers at rush hour


pigeons' meal

a man feeding pigeons at milano central station


taken at Milano central station

all the lonely people

milano central station

feeding the pigeons

in and out


freccia rossa



bad thoughts

taken in a waiting area at milano central station

binario 15

empty station

a rare image of milano central station almost devoid of trains

light and shadows

light and shadows at the exit of the milano central station

saturday 7:45

an unusually empty entrance to milano central station from the subway on saturday morning visit my blog:

night travelers

night view of porta garibaldi train station, in milano, italy


view of the wall paintings at the entrance of the underground passage underneath the tracks of the porta garibaldi train station in milano, italy




fisheye view of the interior of Garibaldi railway station in Milan, Italy

empty bottles

the sleeper


some chairs are piled up outside a coffee bar, in corso como, milano


rain drops

seventy seven



complex reflections into a shop window of piazza san Carlo in Milano, Italy

dropping shadows

milano, inside galleria vittorio emanuele, in a september morning




calcio balilla

light spots

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stairway to heaven

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late summer rain

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wheels and lines

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rain shower

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the teal blue candle

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lights and illusions

via montenapoleone






a tourist standing behind the shop window of a coffee bar in piazza duomo, milano, italy

glancing upwards

taken at milano central station: a man within the crowd glancing upwards at the timetable board. Despite the people around him he seems completely isolated and out of context. This sensation is accentuated by the poster in the background which, due to a strange perspective, the man seems to be looking at.


people looking at the train time table in Milano central station, Italy

the window cleaner

Thank you all for your support, kindness and nice comments. Truly appreciate it.

conversation à trois

pin up

mixing reality with the image of advertisement in the theatre of life


fuel for life

tiny tiny man

taken at piazza san babila, milano

new year's eve coming

taken at via montenapoleone, milano

indiscreet gaze

taken at milano central station: the strange interaction between advertisement and us

la borsa, prego

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via madonnina

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scarlet and the statue

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doppia velocità

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I've kissed Marilyn

a girl sitting in front of a coffee bar in the university district of milano visit my blog:


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reichstag dome mirrors

again the reichstag dome, in Berlin, seen from above

Berlin, Holocaust Memorial

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, also known as the Holocaust Memorial, is a memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, designed by architect Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold

the rolling horse

Berlin, the sculture "rolling horse" by Jurgen Goertz, located at the northern terrace of the Berlin main station (Berlin Hauptbanhof)

roof of the sony center

Berlin, germany; a view of the roof of the sony center


Berlin, empty bottles and graffiti on the walls of a narrow alley in Hackesche hof

reichstag dome

Berlin, the beautiful dome built upon the debating chamber of the Bundestag, and designed by architect Norman Foster, seen from inside

die vampirschwestern

joie de vivre

children playing with soap bubbles in Hackescher Markt, Berlin

Near Alexanderplatz

Berlin, the television tower seen from spandau strasse

Near Potsdamer Platz

Berlin, near Potsdamer Platz

fire works in verona

sweet years

a teen couple chatting in piazza dante, verona, italy

verona, piazza erbe

snow drawings

snow falling


twilight in verona

view of verona from castello di re teodorico at twilight


Nobody in the huge crowd passing by seems to pay attention to this trumpet street player. Taken in Verona, italy.


facing the sun

a view of ponte pietra, in verona, italy, at twilight


heart symmetry

ponte pietra

ponte pietra, verona, Italy

verona bike


ponte pietra as a painting

dancing in the street

porticati veronesi

Primi passi


An exhibition of slings at the "tocatì" the international festival of street games held in Verona, Italy. Tocatì is the dialect term meaning "it's your turn".

piazza erbe

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cooks' lunch

cooks of a restaurant close to piazza erbe, in verona (italy), while eating their lunch before work in a late sunday morning.

ponte pietra

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dark clouds above verona

feeding the gulls

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verona panoramic view

picture taken from castello re teodorico, verona, italy.

notturno con nebbia

a foggy night view of ponte pietra, verona, italy

bubble like a heart

Children admiring a huge soap bubble resembling a big heart. Taken in Verona, Italy.

venetian reflections

the facade of houses in fondamenta san girolamo, venice, reflect onto the dark green water canal

venice postcard

calle del morion

wall painting in calle morion, venice, italy

venetian building / 1


torn poster

cleaning up

pulizia di un banco a fine giornata, al mercato del pesce di Rialto, a Venezia

night colors in venice

two gondolas in a small venetian canal

venice carnival, the mirror

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misterious gaze

beautiful eyes behind a carnival mask; taken in venice during the celebration of the 2014 carnival

red and blue

beautiful masks at the carnival celebration in piazza san marco, venice

purple and violet

pink and green

the gaze

brown and white

yellow and violet

golden, red and black

yellow, blue and red

double red

two models wearing gorgeous red carnival costumes in piazza san marco, venice

blue and red

beautiful masks of the venice carnival 2014 seen in piazza san marco


2012 venetian carnival


poppies in yellow and green


Callistemon citrinus, a beautiful red flower growing in sardinia in springtime



sun droplets

taken at nosy be island, madagascar

Opuntia ficus indica

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il relitto

still another view of the wreck of a small boat on the shore "la cinta" in a winter day

mare d'inverno

winter view of the white sanded shore of san teodoro, italy, named "la cinta" after a rain shower

wishing to dive


early autumn

red ochre sky

la via dei cipressi

sunset in val d'orcia

reaping time has just finished in val d'orcia, near siena, tuscany

the flock

a herd fo sheep in val d'orcia, close to pienza, tuscany

tramonto sulla laguna

sunset on the venetian lagoon; in the background porto marghera

waiting for sunrise

taken in san teodoro, sardinia, a few seconds before sunrise

stagno di san teodoro

taken at san teodoro, sardinia (italy)

sunset above sudtirol

taken from plose mountain, brixen, sudtirol

riva destra

Verona, Italy. The right bank of the river adige seen from ponte pietra (the stony bridge).

malagasy girls

malagasy girls with their characteristic face-paint

tropical storm

night lightning far away on the sea during a tropical storm. Nosy Be island, Madagascar

african sunset

Late sunset colours in the sky over the indian ocean. Nosy Be island, Madagascar.

dawn on the indian ocean

Fishermen leave early in morning for their working day. Nosy Be island, Madagascar

conversation at sunset

taken in nosy be island, madagascar